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2019 Coal Under Million GWH?

EIA released data through the third quarter for grid non-renewable production of power. Notably, the power from the grid’s coal-fired plants was just about three-quarters of a million gigawatt-hours, on the nose nearly, in this year’s first three quarters.  

The grid’s coal plants produced ten percent more a quarter million gigs in last year’s fourth quarter. Assuming the fourth-quarter number will drop this year, by some amount, it shall be a close call as to whether 2019 coal output totals under or over a million gigs when all is said and done.

And, I knew you’d ask, coal accounted for a bit less than twenty-four percent of all of the grid’s production of power. In the comparable period of last year, that is, the first three quarters of 2018, coal accounted for a bit greater than twenty-seven percent.