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$3.04 Decrease

In the two years from November 2017 to November 2019, the Consumer Price Index for electricity rose 1.08 percent. While the overall CPI for all goods and services rose nearly four times as fast, 4.27 percent.

What this means, firstly, is that if the average consumer paid an electric bill of $100 in November 2017, and used the same amount of electricity in November 2019, the electric bill would have increased ever so slightly to $101.08. It would have increased by one dollar and eight cents.

And what this means, secondly, is that the November 2019 electric bill would feel more like a $96.94 bill than like a $101.08 bill. Why? Because of the effect of inflation. That $96.64 bill in real inflation-adjusted terms translates into a decrease of three dollars and four cents.