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Eleven Questions, Four Minutes

What are the greatest challenges faced by utilities barreling towards the digital future? I put down company culture, regulatory barriers, technology integration.

Why did I choose these? When answering question three, of our year-end survey of utility operations and digitization, I felt most utilities recognize the need for dramatic change. And that, in a fascinating variety of ways, they’re innovating new cultures for the transition. Still, converting the culture is a ginormous challenge.

Not just culture. The utility regulation system that so successfully brought us to this point in time is showing its age. For while deliberate consideration of new initiatives has been a great strength of the legacy system, we’ll need a faster pace on both the utility and regulator sides of the equation.

And, not just culture and regulation. We’ve all experienced — or heard stories from those who’ve experienced — the bumpy rides when integrating new technologies. How’s that going to work when utilities are integrating several new technologies simultaneously and continually?

So I put down company culture, regulation barriers and technology integration when answering question three, in our utility ops and digitization survey. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to. You can go another way of course. Just click below to take on the eleven questions.

For question four, I liked EV infrastructure, smart city solutions, renewable generation for utility growth. Again, you can go another way. But you gotta click below for that quick survey.

Talk about quick. I finished the survey in about four minutes. Like the four minute mile, like Roger Bannister, you can better my record I’m sure.

So, click here to take the survey. A PUF pretty please.

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Steve Mitnick, Editor-in-Chief, Public Utilities Fortnightly, and President, Lines Up, Inc.
E-mail me: mitnick@fortnightly.com