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NARUC Innovation Awards 2018

An excerpt from “NARUC Innovation Awards 2018: Era of Profound Change Creates Opportunities for Utilities and Customers” by Chair Brien Sheahan and Jimmie Zhang of the Illinois Commerce Commission, in November 11 PUF:

“This year’s winners of the NARUC Innovation Awards embody the spirit of innovation from both regulatory and industry perspectives and highlight the underlying trends that have become increasingly evident in recent years.

Ohio PUC Chairman Asim Haque serves on the executive committee and Board of Directors of NARUC. As the winner of NARUC’s award for regulatory innovation, Chairman Haque, and the Ohio PUC, embarked on a “Utility of the Future” study called Power Forward that creates a roadmap for the energy future for the state of Ohio.

Greenlots is a pioneer in transportation electrification that focuses on providing an open access, cloud-based, network solution that enables deployment of EV charging infrastructure at scale.

The San Jose Water Company has revitalized its largest surface water treatment facility, the Montevina Water Treatment Plant, using state-of-the-art membrane technology to treat more than two billion gallons of turbid water per year — an increase of over sixty-five hundred percent from the previous technology.

The Gas Technology Institute has developed a breakaway disconnect/shut-off fitting for Meter Set Assemblies and other above-ground gas facilities that are often damaged by various outside forces, like vehicles and falling snow and ice from building roofs to reduce the risk of gas leaks, fire, explosion, property damage and possible injury from impact.”

Read the complete article here.

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