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PUF Pretty Please

Which areas will have the greatest talent gap? I put down cybersecurity, field work, new service/product development.

Utilities continue to install digital devices. That unfortunately increases the vulnerabilities. Hence the need for cyber expertise.

Utility field work isn’t the most glamorous for millennials. Some however will need to go down that path. As for new service/product development, our industry must get a share of the best and the brightest that would otherwise head to Silicon Valley.

That’s what I put down, answering question one, in our year-end survey of utility operations and digitization. You can go another way of course. Just click below for our quick eleven-question survey.

And, what technologies should utilities deploy? Figures, for a techie like me, I put down a bunch, answering question two. Wearables. Drones. AI. VR. To me, these are game changers for utility ops. Again, you can go another way. But you gotta click below for that quick survey.

I finished the survey in about four minutes. Though I took my time answering questions five and six on storage and smart cities. But then made up the time breezing through the last four questions on cyber and physical security, having strong feelings on these threats to our grids.

So, click here to take the survey. A PUF pretty please.


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Steve Mitnick, Editor-in-Chief, Public Utilities Fortnightly, and President, Lines Up, Inc.
E-mail me: mitnick@fortnightly.com