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Survey on Power's State and Future

Take our eight-question survey on electric power’s state and future. Survey results will be featured in June’s special issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly. 

You can scope out the multiple-choice questions here:

  • What is the most disruptive threat to business-as-usual in the communities in which utilities operate?
  • What role should utilities play in the territories in which they operate to mitigate disruptive threats?
  • Which energy transition outcome should future utility investments prioritize across service territories?
  • Which stakeholder group should utilities prioritize partnering with to successfully navigate the energy transition?
  • What is the primary barrier to utilities more aggressively investing in the energy transition?
  • How can utilities best direct investments to improve the quality of life within the communities in which they operate?
  • How would you describe utility sentiment towards the Inflation Reduction Act and Build Back Better?
  • Twenty years from now, how will the Inflation Reduction Act be remembered?

Use this link to take the survey.