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Views from European Regulators at Electrification 2018

Excerpt from an interview with the Chair of the European Board of Regulators, Garrett Blaney, in the November 1 issue of PUF:


Garrett Blaney: What's happened in Europe is we've done well at putting a high level of renewables on our electricity system, so we've moved to de-carbonize our electricity production, in terms of renewables. We now have over thirty percent of total electricity in many countries, which are now coming from renewable sources.

What we haven't done so well is to address properly the use of high levels of renewable energy in the heating and cooling market and the transport market. Those are the areas where we're still missing targets across Europe. 

Electrification is an obvious solution to the carbon-emission and renewable energy challenges in the heating, cooling and transport sectors. These sectors are driving the debate on electrification in Europe.

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