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World’s Fair for Our Future

Remember going to the World’s Fair in Queens? Oh, ok, so you weren’t born yet, in 1964 and 1965.

Well, I certainly was born before then — so long ago, practically at the dawn of civilization — and went to the World’s Fair with my parents and then my friends. There were so many exhibits and activities there it was impossible to take it all in. You needed a pre-planned strategy in order to see the best stuff for you.

And that’s kinda what Electrification 2020 will be like. On the afternoon of April 6 there will be four pre-conference workshops to choose from. Same deal on April 7. Plus besides those four workshops there will be four half-day workshops to pick from on the seventh. Whew!

On April 8, in addition to the opening plenary, there will be seven simultaneous breakout sessions in the late morning and early afternoon. All the while the humongous exhibit hall will have demonstrations of electrification in transportation, buildings, indoor agriculture, what have you.

On April 9, once again there will be seven simultaneous breakout sessions in the early morning and the late morning and the early afternoon. And, then, after the closing plenary, it’s party time: the closing party at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

As I said above, Electrification 2020 is free for you in state government. Which is a truly great price for all that you’ll learn about the imperative of electrification. So, when you’re done reading this column, please go on over to the website and make your move to the future.