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Strategy & Planning

Hawaii PUC: Caroline Ishida

“The state Supreme Court has looked at some novel issues raised by some of the parties related to environmental considerations like greenhouse gases.”
“We are able to think about ways we can move in the policy directions that have been established by the legislature and Governor’s officein terms of renewable energy and moving toward that 100% RPS by 2045.”
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Caroline Ishida is chief counsel for the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.

Chief Counsel

Hawaii PUC: Jennifer Potter

“Our journey of PBR was solidified by legislation that did mandate that we investigate a way to break the link between capital investment and revenue for the utility.”
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Jennifer Potter is a commissioner at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.


Hawaii PUC: Leo Asuncion

“The focus for us right now is cost containment of the companies. Are the costs justifiable to us that eventually the ratepayer needs to pay in base rates?”
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Leo Asuncion is a commissioner at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.


Visiting Hawaii's PUC

We interviewed the chair, commissioners and more at Hawaii's Public Utilities Commission.
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Steve Mitnick is President of Lines Up, Inc., Editor-in-Chief of Public Utilities Fortnightly, and author of “Lines Down: How We Pay, Use, Value Grid Electricity Amid the Storm.”

Unique Renewable Goals

Hawaiian Electric: Leland Cockcroft and Robert Kaneshiro

“We have four cross-island transmission lines of 69 kV. During that storm, three of them got affected, so we only had one transmission line remaining across the island.”
Robert Kaneshiro: We have about 97 megawatts of connected rooftop solar
Robert Kaneshiro: Our transmission system is 69 kilovolts. Our evening peak comes in at about 185 or 190 megawatts.
Leland Cockcroft: The 2018 Lower East rift zone of Kilauea erupted and took out two of our transmission lines, as well as our interconnecting switching station for the geothermal plant.
Author Bio: 

Robert Kaneshiro is Operations Superintendent at Hawaii Electric Light.

Leland Cockcroft is System Planning Engineer at Hawaii Electric Light.

Hawaii Electric Light subsidiary

Hawaiian Electric: Yoh Kawanami

“Community Based Renewable Energy is where you have a solar farm but people that live in a condo or have an odd-shaped roof may be able to invest in those panels and get a bill credit as if they have rooftop solar.”
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Yoh Kawanami is co-director for customer energy resources at Hawaiian Electric.

Co-director for Customer Energy Resources

Hawaiian Electric: Jack Shriver

“Our islands are relatively small, and the acreage footprint is going to start to become a more contentious issue. We’re going to need to look for technologies that don’t use up as much of our precious resources.”
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Jack Shriver is the director for generation project development at Hawaiian Electric.

Director for Generation Project Development

Hawaiian Electric: Rebecca Dayhuff Matsushima

“We will be doing procurements on a regular basis moving forward between now and 2045.”
“The RFP was technology agnostic. As long as it meets Hawaii’s definition for renewable energy and our statutes, then it could fit into the projects, or into the RFP.”
“Under the Integrated Grid Planning docket we’re anticipating we would do a procurement about every two years for generation. Then with non-wire alternative procurement also happening every year.”
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Rebecca Dayhuff Matsushima is the director for renewable acquisition at Hawaiian Electric.

Director for Renewable Acquisition

Hawaiian Electric: Scott Seu

“If you’re going to operate a business here in Hawaii for 20 years or so, you will be expected by the community to become a part of it, to be able to engage on an ongoing basis.”
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Scott Seu is SVP for public affairs at Hawaiian Electric. Hawaiian Electric announced that Seu will become CEO this year.

SVP for public affairs

Hawaiian Electric: Colton Ching

“Our electric supply plans are aggressive. They’re forward leading within the industry and there does not exist technology today at this moment in time that will meet all of our needs over the next 20 or 30 years.”
Hawaiian Electric’s operations and maintenance center in downtown Honolulu.
Author Bio: 

Colton Ching is SVP for planning and technology at Hawaiian Electric.

SVP for planning and technology