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Yankee Retreat

An argument for reform in Northeast markets.
A confluence of factors contributed to the Vermont Yankee shutdown decision, but a key driver was the very design of the Northeast power markets. Policymakers considering reform should take the long view, and ensure that price signals reflect market demands for energy, capacity, and resource diversity.

Long-Term Assets in a Real-Time World

Optimizing plant operations for changing market conditions and environmental rules.
Can newly devised O&M initiatives increase the profitability of fossil generating facilities and tip the cost-benefit analysis at marginal plants?

The Growing Footprint of Climate Change

Can systems built today cope with tomorrow’s weather extremes?
Climate change – heat waves, water shortages, and reduced flexibility – poses huge risks for electric utility infrastructure.

Industry in Transition

Utility CEOs face disruptive trends.
Top executives at AEP, the California ISO, and El Paso Electric address key challenges and opportunities.

Build to Order

Engineers and constructors adapt to serve an industry in transition.
From gas pipelines to PV arrays, the nation’s contractors are seeing growth in utility infrastructure. Fortnightly talks with executives at engineering and construction firms to learn what kinds of projects are moving forward, where they’re located, and what lies over the horizon.