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Articles Scott M. Gawlicki, Public Utilities Fortnightly

Long-Term Assets in a Real-Time World

Optimizing plant operations for changing market conditions and environmental rules.
Can newly devised O&M initiatives increase the profitability of fossil generating facilities and tip the cost-benefit analysis at marginal plants?

Orchestrating Outages

IT systems ease the pain of power plant restarts.
Squeezing plant outage duration by days or even weeks can save the industry billions of dollars in lost running time. The San Onofre outage is just the most visible example of what's at stake for the industry. New outage management technologies and processes allow generators to coordinate outages and get critical plants back online quickly and efficiently.

Lessons From Lodi

New turbine technologies offer unprecedented flexibility.
If there's an electric power project under development that best reflects the current state of the U.S. gas turbine market, it might be the Northern California Power Agency's (NCPA) 280-MW, natural gas-fired combined-cycle plant in Lodi, Calif.